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Is Your Cat Trying To Tell You Something? – Subtle Signs Your Cat May Be Sick

Cats are mysterious creatures by nature, which can make it very difficult for owners to tell if they are sick. As a general rule: if your cat is hiding more than usual it may be time to see veterinary care. Cats are very good at hiding their clinical signs of disease until it becomes very severe. Here are a few signs of illness you can look for in your cat:

1. Change In Appetite and Weight

Eating or drinking too much or too little can often be signs of illness. Weight loss can be an indication of thyroid disease or other serious diseases. Weight gain can also be dangerous (even if unrelated to a disease) to your cats health.
2. Foul Smelling Breath

A foul odor coming from your cat’s mouth could be a sign of gum disease or tooth decay. Breath that smells like ammonia could indicate kidney disease.

3. Eliminating Outside Of The Litter Box

Causes of this can be either behavioral or indicate disease. Also keep an eye on how often your cat is visiting the box to urinate. If your cat is urinating too much too often this can be a sign of diabetes. Oh the other hand, if your cat is straining or not able to urinate this could be a sign of a blockage or urinary tract infection and should be seen by the veterinarian immediately.

4. Changes In Behavior

If your cuddly kitty is suddenly acting aloof or if your unsocial cat suddenly will not leave your side, they may be trying to tell you something. When cats are feeling sick they will more often than not try to hide from “predators” and hide out in closets or underneath furniture.

5. Physical Appearance Changes

An unkempt appearance or increased shedding can be symptoms of various diseases or even allergies. Cats will often scratch themselves so much that they cause bald spots if they are irritated by fleas or allergies.

6. Activity And Sleep Pattern Changes

If your lazy cat is suddenly overactive during the day or night or if your active cat suddenly begins to sleep a lot more than usual it may indicate some health issues.

Any of these changes, whether they happen over night or gradually should be a reason to bring your cat into the Veterinarian. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your cat’s health.

This blog post was written by McQueen Animal Hospital, a veterinary clinic in Brampton providing quality affordable veterinary care

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