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Rub a Dub Dub, Takin’ a Bath in the Tub!

From Bath time to nail clipping, keeping your pets well groomed is very important. Whether you take care of your dogs grooming or prefer to leave it up to the professionals it’s a key aspect of keeping your pets happy and healthy!

Spending a few minutes a day running a brush through our pets hair is an excellent way not only to keep their coats looking in tip top shape but also a great time to bond. Brushing your pet’s fur isn’t only to remove tangles and mats but is a great way to remove dirt and dead hair between baths. Just like us humans, different dogs have different coats. Your veterinarian or groomer can tell you which type of brush is best for your dog’s size and coat type. If you find a tangle or mat while brushing your pet don’t try to pull it out as this can be painful and your pet will quickly learn to run and hide at the sight of the brush. As tempted as you may be, if you run into tangles or mats that you can’t get out yourself do not cut them out. This can result in serious injury to your pet. If you don’t think you can solve the problem yourself consult your groomer or veterinarian and they will take care of it for you.

Bath Time
There are quite a few options when it comes to bath time. If you prefer to do it yourself using a pet shampoo and your own bathtub is an excellent way of not only keeping your pet clean but also saving some money! If you want to save money but prefer to skip the mess Fido makes during bath time there are self serve dog washes that owners can wash their own dogs using the shampoos and tubs available at the facility. If you’d rather leave bath time up to the groomers there are many facilities where someone will wash, clip and blow dry your pet. However, this may be a struggle for pets that get car sick but fret not! There are also mobile groomers who will come to your home and groom your dog right on your driveway in the back of their mobile units.

Nail Trimming
Nail trimming is one of the most important and overlooked parts of keeping your pet healthy and happy. Nails left to grow long can be quite the issue and even harm your pet. Over grown nails tend to curl and will often grow right into your pets foot pad. This is very painful and requires a trip to the veterinarian to be trimmed and removed from the foot pad. Sometimes pets are not overly cooperative when it comes to nail trims. In these cases you may want to try bringing them to a groomer or veterinarian to have their nails trimmed.

Hair Cuts
Some breeds need to have their coats trimmed regularly. If you find Fido can’t see because his hair is in his eyes it might be time to have his hair cut. Grooming can either be done by a professional or at home. However, hair scissors tend to be extremely sharp and can cause quite a lot of damage if you accidentally knick your pet. If you choose to groom your pet at home it is recommended to use electric hair trimmers.

This blog post was written by McQueen Animal Hospital, a veterinary clinic in Brampton providing quality affordable veterinary care

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