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Your First 30 Days With a New Puppy

By hashadmin / December 11, 2017 / 0 Comments

Going Home The first day with your new puppy will involve traveling, whether it’s a short distance from the shelter or a local breeder or a long ride in a car or the cabin of a plane. This is the perfect opportunity to start teaching your puppy to love his crate. Be sure it’s well…

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7 Common Health Problems in Senior Cats

By hashadmin / November 11, 2017 / 0 Comments

1. Arthritis According to feline veterinary specialist Dr. Arnold Plotnick, studies have shown that 90% of cats over 12 years of age are likely to have radiographic signs of arthritis. If your cat no longer wants to go up or down stairs or jump on or off furniture, has difficulty grooming himself, pees outside the…

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Glaucoma in Dogs and Cats

By hashadmin / October 3, 2017 / 0 Comments

Glaucoma is a disease in which the pressure of the fluid in the eye is higher than normal. Left untreated, glaucoma often progresses to blindness. The condition can affect dogs and cats, though canines are more likely to inherit the disease. With hereditary glaucoma, it is important to look for early symptoms — such as…

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Urinary Issues in Cats

By hashadmin / July 31, 2017 / 0 Comments

Urinary issues can be caused by a number of problems in the urinary tract, which includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. This could mean an infection, an injury, stones, or some kind of blockage. Common signs of a urinary problem in cats include frequent urination, an inability to urinate, urinating outside the litterbox, crying…

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Heartworm Disease in Dogs

By hashadmin / April 29, 2017 / 0 Comments

That mosquito buzzing in your ear at night can drive you a little bit mad. But it can have far more serious consequences for your dog. Mosquitoes can carry heartworm larvae, and a bite from an infected insect could mean heartworm disease — and permanent damage to the heart, lungs, and blood vessels — for…

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Constipation in Cats

By hashadmin / March 25, 2017 / 0 Comments

Many things can cause a cat to become constipated: an intestinal blockage, stress, not enough exercise, not enough water, arthritis, a tumor, or something else entirely. Symptoms include straining to defecate, tiny or hard feces, and sometimes not defecating for days. A mild case of constipation can be treated by adding fiber to the cat’s…

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Chronic Otitis in Dogs

By hashadmin / January 29, 2016 / 0 Comments

Chronic otitis is basically a long-lasting ear infection that can affect any dog, causing itchy, painful, smelly ears. Quite a few things can cause the disease — parasites, allergies, growths — which is progressive and can lead to a rupturing of the eardrum or narrowing of the ear canal. Treatment starts with cleaning the ear…

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Cognitive Dysfunction in Pets

By hashadmin / January 15, 2016 / 0 Comments

As pets age they can suffer cognitive dysfunction. And though there will never come a time when pups or kitty forgets where he left his keys, he might withdraw from his family, become disoriented in his home, cry for no reason, or have sleeping problems. As with humans, the exact cause of cognitive dysfunction is…

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Aggression in Cats

By hashadmin / January 1, 2016 / 0 Comments

Cats become aggressive and lash out at or attack other pets –– and people –– for all kinds of reasons — fear, defense of territory, pain, overly enthusiastic play, and more. Early socialization, sterilization, behavioral modification, and drugs are the most common methods for avoiding and treating feline aggression. Overview Aggression is among the most…

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Cushing Disease in Dogs

By hashadmin / December 6, 2015 / 0 Comments

Cushing’s Disease, which is common is dogs, is unfortunately very tricky to diagnose and is often discovered through a mix of symptom assessments and blood tests. There are three types of Cushing’s disease, two of them caused by glandular tumors, which in turn cause the adrenal glands to overproduce the hormone coritsol, which regulates various…

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