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At McQueen Animal Hospital, we opted for only the highest quality equipment to ensure your pets are receiving the best level of care possible. From our high-end portable ultrasound machine, to our top of the line dental suite, there is very little that we are unprepared for. We have invested in only the best to provide your pets with that same standard! Some highlights include:

  • In-House Laboratory:
    While having in-house capabilities of running crucial blood tests is important, perhaps even more so is having laboratory equipment that has been proven to be consistently reliable and accurate in dogs and cats, and that can provide almost instantaneous results that may be life-saving. This is why we invested in the machines that laboratory pathologists recommend most.
  • In-House Ultrasonography:
    GE is a world leader in medical ultrasound, which is why they were our vendor of choice. We believe strongly in the important of on-site ultrasound capabilities, performed right here in hospital by our veterinarian. See our ultrasonography page for more.
  • Advanced Dental Suite:
    While it is difficult to summarize the important of dental hygiene and dental care in our pets in just one small paragraph, there is very little that we are unprepared for. Our equipment may look very familiar to you, as it is the type of quality you would expect from your own dentist! This includes digital dental radiography, the importance of which is explained in our dental suite page.

We encourage you to navigate our services pages to see the lengths that we have gone to in order to provide your pet with the level of care they deserve.