8975 McLaughlin Rd., Brampton, Ontario


Dental Suite


Our dental suite includes our state of the art mobile dental suite with controls designed specifically for veterinary dentistry. We can switch from handpiece to handpiece without touching a button – the unit will automatically adjust as the handpiece is lifted from its cradle. This increases our work efficiency, and decreases the amount of time that our patients need to be under anesthesis. The oil-free compressor means there are no oily parts for animal hair to stick to, and, it’s one of the quietest compressors on the market with a sound level of 40 dB, reducing stressful noises for other hospitalized patients.

Our dentistry table includes a grated table top which allows water that is used during the procedure to drip directly into the sink, keeping our patients dry and warm. The stainless steel surfaces allow for easy and rapid disinfecting between patients.