8975 McLaughlin Rd., Brampton, Ontario




Our reception area was designed to be welcoming and warm, with easy access to supplies for your pet including food and natural supplements. With your comfort in mind, we have provided a spacious seating area, and access to water and coffee upon request! Our friendly receptionists thrive to make you and your pet as relaxed as possible, and are able to help with an array of inquiries including new puppy and kitten information, as well as appropriate food choices for your pet.


We carry specific veterinary prescription diets that are important therapeutic tools in the management of certain diseases, such as preventing the recurrence of bladder stones, managing kidney and liver disease, and preventing dental disease.

Our medical records are all computerized, which has many benefits including better organization of patient files, and of course the huge eco-friendly benefits in being paperless!

While our animal clinic is located in Brampton, Ontario, we are happy to serve pets from the surrounding community including Mississauga, Georgetown, Milton, and more!