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Emergency Pet Care

Emergency Care for Pets

We are as prepared as possible for the management of emergencies in your pet. From medical oxygen within an arm’s reach, to critical emergency drugs, to rapid diagnostic equipment, we wanted to ensure that we are capable of providing the life-saving care that your pet will hopefully never need. Digital radiography provides x-rays in seconds, allowing us to quickly and accurately diagnose cases of trauma. Ultrasound is also vital to such cases, and can detect even very small amounts of hemorrhage from internal organs, allowing rapid stabilization and appropriate treatments.

Accidents happen without notice and when your pet faces a medical emergency, it can be a huge challenge for pet parents to make rational decisions, particularly when such situations spring up at unearthly hours. Our emergency services are tuned to handle such situations efficiently to bring relief to your pet in the shortest possible time. To combat this situation it is always desirable that you have an emergency plan on hand, even before you need it.

Your emergency Vet is always accessible to you and you can speak to us to understand how urgent animal care works. Do remember that every Emergency vet clinic may not offer round the clock services. Therefore, keeping the contact information of your local emergency vet service handy at all times, and easily accessible to all members of the household is a good idea. Store the information on your cell phone too and let your family members know how to retrieve the information when needed.

What are the signs that your pet needs emergency care?

Emergency care may be needed for your cat/dog in instances of severe trauma on account of a fall, accident, heatstroke, choking, insect sting, domestic poisoning, or other situations posing risk to the pet’s life.

Some signs which demand urgent attention:-

  • Rapid breathing,
  • pale gums,
  • difficulty with standing up,
  • changes in body temperature,
  • rapid/weak pulse,
  • seizures,
  • excessive bleeding, and
  • apparent paralysis.

Handling an Emergency Situation;

If your pet is severely injured, he/she may be aggressive with the pet parents and therefore, your primary focus should be protecting yourself and your family from potential injury. If your dog is injured, approach him with caution calmly and slowly. Kneel down with care and call out his/her name. If you notice signs of aggression, seek help. On the other hand, if your pet is passive, make a temporary stretcher and put him/her on it gently. Ensure that the back and neck are supported, particularly if your pet has suffered spinal injuries.

If you are dealing with a cat, put a blanket over the head of the cat so that it does not bite you and slowly lift and put her in a box with an open top. If you suspect a spinal injury, you should also ensure that the cat’s head has adequate support to prevent the neck from twisting.

Once you are confident that you can transport the pet safely, bring him to an Emergency Clinic or Vet in Brampton without delay. Asking a family member or friend to call the Emergency Vet.

The clinic will alert the staff and hasten the treatment.

We are always in a state of preparedness to manage every kind of emergency that your pets may experience. Critical emergency medication, rapid diagnostic equipment, oxygen within immediate reach, is among the immediately accessible aids to ensure life-saving care for your pet. Ultrasound and digital radiography are some of the other facilities always at the disposal of our emergency room to hasten accurate diagnosis.