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In-House Laboratory

Pet Pathology and Diagnosis

On-site ability to perform important and potentially life-saving blood tests was a must in the development of McQueen Animal Hospital. While it is important to have the capabilities to run such tests on-site, what is more important is that the tests performed are consistently accurate and repeatable, providing true insight into the function of internal organs. This is why we invested in not the least expensive option, but the best option that is most recommended by unbiased veterinary laboratory pathologists. We expect the same things that you expect – the level of quality and accuracy that we would expect for ourselves from our doctors.

We have the ability to precisely perform blood chemistries which can detect such ailments as kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, electrolyte abnormalities, and much more. Our machines quickly perform blood counts, providing accurate measurements of red blood cells and white blood cells, crucial to detecting such diseases as anemia, infection, inflammation, and viral disease.

Pre-anesthetic blood testing is performed on-site, the morning of surgery, to give a real-time analysis of your pets current health condition. This allows us to detect any diseases or congenital abnormalities that may not be evident clinically, but that would significantly alter the management of their anesthesia.

Finally, microscopy provides many useful diagnostic purposes. We can analyze blood films to looks for abnormalities in red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Abnormalities can include changes in morphology (appearance) of all blood cells, blood-bourne parasites, anemias, and much more. Fecal samples can be analyzed for the presence of intestinal parasites, which are very common in young puppies and kittens especially. Skin samples can be analyzed for ectoparasites (parasites that live in the skin) such as mites, fleas, demodex, sarcoptic mange, and more.

Vet Pathology in Brampton

While developing McQueen Animal Hospital, we have focused on on-site ability in performing important and often potentially life-saving Animal blood tests.  While the importance of having capabilities to run these tests on-site is paramount, it is more crucial that these tests are consistently repeatable and accurate to provide a true insight into the functioning of internal organs. We have therefore invested in the best option than the least expensive equipment. The best option is also the ones recommended by pathologists with rich experience in veterinary laboratories and with no bias towards any particular brand. In other words, our expectations reflect your expectations and the level of accuracy and quality expected of our doctors and our hospital.

With our ability to carry out blood chemistries, detecting ailment like liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, electrolyte abnormalities, pancreatitis, etc can be quick and accurate.