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McQueen Animal Hospital Brampton

McQueen Animal Hospital was founded entirely on the notion of providing the Brampton, Mississauga and surrounding community with a friendly, high-quality, knowledgeable and affordable veterinary care dedicated to the well-being of your pets. We understand the special bond that a pet has in our families’, and feel honoured to be a part of that.

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Our objective is to keep your pet healthy and happy.  It all starts with one phone call. Call us today to book an appointment and start your beloved pet's journey to a health and happy life.

Your pet deserves the best care

At McQueen Animal Hospital, a leading veterinary hospital in Brampton, we understand how much your pets mean to you and your family and therefore the importance of quality care they deserve. Our facility is reckoned as a state of the art animal care center with staff bringing years of experience with them to deliver cutting edge options for treating every condition that your pet may be experiencing.

When it comes to exceptional health care for animals, we leave nothing to chance and our animal clinic will always go the extra mile to ensure that your pet receives the best attention and his/her problem is resolved quickly leaving you and your pet to enjoy life together as quickly as possible.

More importantly, we feel truly blessed and honoured to be in a position to create a desirable difference in the life of animals as also the people who care for and love them. We value the chance to be of help, to be able to heal and the chance to be able to save a life at times and undoubtedly, the kitten cuddles we handle.

Between animal life and human life, we are proud to be where we are, and the trust reposed in us by many pet parents drive us to consistently excel in all spheres of work at our Animal Health Clinic.

quality pet care brampton

You deserve a happy and healthy pet

At McQueen animal hospital, we are dedicated to ensuring that your pets are healthy and happy. On your part, you are already devoted to the nutritional needs, routine care and exercise for your pets. But a routine visit to a animal hospital or a vet clinic in Brampton can improve the chances of your pets well being considerablly. Most humans can sense impending health issues before they become overwhelming. But, with animals, you need the services of an expert to ensure that minor health issues do not aggravate.

Experienced experts at our McQceen animal hospital in Brampton offer several services like veterinary dentistry, Pets Digital radiography, Animal diagnostic tests, pet vaccination Brampton, pet X-ray, veterinary dental radiography, veterinary ophthalmologist services and more. We also undertake animal diagnostic tests, pet ultrasonography tests, pet microchip, PETA registration and a host of other services necessary to keep your pet healthy and happy.

As a pet parent, you have perhaps noticed that there are many similarities between the human metabolism and animal metabolism. But, a significant difference is that the animals cannot communicate their health issues and look to you to understand their problems and provide relief. At our animal health clinic, our experts can effectively diagnose a wide range of health issues your pet may be facing and provide preventive as well as curative medication before these problems progress into a life threatening ailment.
We provide state-of-the art surgical and medical diagnosis for your pets and the best treatment to bring quick relief. In all our interaction with patients, we follow a philosophy of low-stress while communicating a sense of trust and safety so that you have a satisfying experience coming to our hospital.

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animal hospital brampton

Caring for pets is a multi-faceted task and most pet parents learn from experience. Undoubtedly all of us love our pets.

Ideally, you should acquaint yourself with various factors that are important in caring for your pets, even before you bring the first pet home. In general terms, caring for your pets has all the trappings of caring for your kids. Some of the major factors in caring for your pets include:-

Learning about the special needs of your pet – housing, food, health and general care, choosing a pet suitable to your lifestyle, exercising your pet regularly according to the needs of your pet, training your pet for positive reinforcement and kindness, providing appropriate housing for your pet, providing your pet with adequate companionship and an environment that stimulates him, teaching your children, family and friends on interacting with the pet and finding appropriate boarding facility for the pet when you are out on vacation.

At McQueen animal hospital here in Brampton, we are dedicated to ensuring quality care and health of your pets. Our animal care centre is always accessible to you and you are welcome to drop in and discuss your concerns with our experts. Beacause we love pets the same way you do.

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We love our furry guests. And guess who visited us recently!


Jen Salowski

I absolutely LOVE this clinic! I am a first time dog mom and paranoid about everything regarding my dog's health and well being. All the staff at this clinic are wonderful, friendly and most of all kind and compassionate they NEVER make me feel bad about my silly questions and always explain everything in detail. I've had to go once for an emergency and the reassured me and helped me to feel calm and comfortable through the entire event. I would recommend this clinic to everyone!

Diana De Lury

Great staff! They took great care of my cat until we moved away. Would definitely recommend.

Gerri-Leah Ellery

Wonderful caring staff with the bonus of good prices. I take ally fur babies there and trust all the staff to treat with the utmost of care and respect.

Kerensa Rebello

Great team! Caring and would recommend this clinic any time.

Dilnawaz Qamar

My son's fondness for pets took me to McQueen Animal Hospital. We were really impressed by the way animals are treated there. We were welcomed to see patients and my son watched taking blood test of the dog. This hospital will be my first choice once my children decide to have their pets.

Summer Tao

Highly Recommend! After having a bad experience at another vet in Brampton, I was hesitant to bring my dog in to any vet for an elective teeth cleaning under anaesthesia. The staff were super friendly, and called me as soon as he was awake which put me at ease. The whole experience was excellent, and my dog's teeth are as white as can be! Thank you for the exceptional care & customer service! I'm happy to have found a vet I trust, and we will be back!

Ranjana V

I've been taking my dogs to this clinic for 3 yrs now and have always had a positive experience. Dr. Babbar is very patient and takes time to understand the problem. His treatment has always worked well on my dogs. The staff is super friendly too. Highly recommend this clinic.

Centrally located in the Flowertown community of Brampton

We are conveniently located near the corner of Queen St. W. and McLaughlin Rd. S., in a brand new plaza just south of the National Bank building.

8975 McLaughlin Road, Brampton, Ontario,Canada L6Y 0Z6. For all inquires please call 905-455-PETS (7387)

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